Who are Nestegg Rentals?

We are a small husband and wife (and baby!) team of full-time landlords with properties in South East and East London.

We mainly manage our own properties, but also look after properties for a select number of clients.

We are local to all the properties we manage and pride ourselves in being as responsive to tenant needs as possible. We aim for happy long term tenants and clients.

What areas do you cover?

We cover much of South East and East London including:

  • Bermondsey
  • Blackheath
  • Canada Water
  • Canary Wharf
  • Canning Town
  • Catford
  • Deptford
  • Greenwich
  • Lewisham
  • New Cross
  • Peckham
  • Rotherhithe
  • Royal Docks
  • Surrey Quays
  • Tower Hamlets

If in doubt, please contact us!

Why work with Nestegg Rentals rather than a traditional agent?

As full-time landlords, we can bring the same diligence, experience and care from our own properties to yours. We will manage your property like we manage our own!

Agents typically focus on lettings, with property management frequently relegated to a minor sideline. This results in the property management function often being done quite poorly, resulting in upset tenants and frustrated landlords. This is how we compare:

Traditional Agent

  • Lack of prompt attention to maintenance issues, tenant issues & complaints, resulting in frustrated tenants and minor maintenance issues becoming major ones
  • Often act as a 'post-box' with little autonomy and frequently 'passing the buck' to the landlord for most maintenance issues
  • Heavy use of external maintenance companies for even minor work, which result in high and unncesssary costs
  • Large number of clients per property manager, resulting in limited attention per property
  • Property management often carried out by junior staff, with relatively high turnover, leading to unfamiliarity with your property and lack of ability to deal with issues

Nestegg Rentals

  • Primary focus on property management and retaining good tenants as a priority, rather than new lettings businesss
  • Heavily focussed on sorting out any tenant issues promptly, before tenants become upset or the property incurs greater damage
  • Wealth of experience of managing our own properties, with minor maintenance issues dealt with autonmously and bigger issues only presented to landlords with a recommended and well thought out plan for approval
  • Limited number of external clients, resulting in high level of attention for each property
  • Small family-run business with experienced, permanent individuals that will manage your property long-term


Single AST

p.a. (VAT free)

Letting & management of a property let on a single tenancy agreement (e.g. to a family or small number of sharers). Bills typically not included in the rent.


p.a. (VAT free)

Letting & management of a House in Multiple Occupation type property (e.g. room-by-room lets). Bills typically included in the rent.


p.a. (VAT free)

Have specific requirements or want us to work a little differently for you? Need only some of our services, or something special? Please give us a call to discuss your needs

What is included:

  • Advertising on relevant property portals for your type of letting, whenever a new let is required
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Opening and operating a tenancy deposit scheme in your name
  • Signing of a tenancy agreement in your or our format, as preferred
  • Provision of all legally required documents to the tenant before starting the tenancy (e.g. EPC, how to rent guide, gas certificates etc.)
  • Organising annual gas certificate (with your preferred plumber or ours - actual cost of certificate excluded)
  • Small maintenance jobs (e.g. light bulbs, minor repairs, smoke alarm batteries) free of charge
  • Medium maintenance jobs (e.g. replacement decorations, furniture construction, small paint jobs, tidying, gardening) completed by ourselves at low hourly rate
  • Large maintenance jobs completed by your preferred tradesman or our long term trusted trademen as preferred
  • Waiting in (when required) for gas engineers, broadband installation, repairs etc.
  • Advice on potential property improvements to maximise lettings and increase tenant retention
  • Minimum quarterly inspections of the property and checking smoke alarms
  • Arranging annual Fire Risk Assessment, where required
  • Unlimited trips to the property to inspect maintenance issues or tenant needs
  • Chasing tenants who are in arrears, and advising on legal process to follow if required
  • ...and more besides!

What is not included:

  • External costs for maintenance, gas certificates, deposit protection fees (if any)
  • Rent is paid directly to the landlord, not to us. We bill you seperately
  • Planning and project management available for large refurbishment jobs at 10% of job cost

Contact Details

Nestegg Rentals Partners
92 Ermine Road
London SE13 7JR

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